How I Became an Escort

I've only been an escort for about six months and I've learned so much about a world I only sort of knew existed a year ago. I remember watching a show about a London escort a few years ago but I never thought someone could really do, here in America. So many questions!

When I thought about escorting in America I thought CraigsList...I used to browse through the adult ads when CL had that section and I was fascinated by the abbreviations and raunchy sex talk, it was like a new language. 

Then the adult section on CL went away and fast forward to summer 2013...Money was tight (nonexistent) and I decided I would try to be an escort because it seemed easy enough and pays better than most jobs. Unfortunately I knew nothing about how the business of escorting worked and I had no money for professional pictures or classy advertising. 

I stumbled upon which I will refrain from saying anything negative about. Backpage seems to have a shitty reputation and I can see why that would be the case with super cheap ads that almost anyone can afford. But with some screening it can be a good way to start up.

I browsed through the ads to get a sense of what the site allowed for wording and pictures and what other providers were offering and charging. It cost $12 to post an ad as a female escort in the Boston Cambridge Brookline area of MA. I set my rate at $300 per hour not expecting to book any hour long appointments (that is a bit higher than average for BP) so I was willing to do fractions of the hour for an equal fraction of the hourly rate. My goal was to book two appointments each day. Two clients per day seemed reasonable.

I gave a lot of thought to the wording of my ad, though I'm not really sure if that mattered very much on BP:( I didn't give much thought to my pictures. I used pictures I had in my phone that I had taken for a guy who broke my heart lol! 

The first couple of days were good then things went crazy! I'm still too new to fully understand why things went well for me from the start. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I started in the summer and I had a great location. I feel like I made a lot of mistakes but I must have done something right because my second client booked an hour! When given the option to spend less they instead chose to have more time with me. This was mutually gratifying in a deeply emotional way. The people I thought would simply be my clients seemed to have a genuine interest in my life. I met some really cool people and made some new friends.

I started to feel pretty good about my career choice. I was building new relationships and I never had to call or wait for my phone to ring...this was perfect:) ...until the phone didn't stop ringing!!! Putting your phone number online can be overwhelming.

The summer was a crazy roller coaster...sadly, I moved out of my apartment before I could harvest any corn or pumpkins from my garden that I was so obsessed with...and I learned so much about being a courtesan:) 

Now that 2013 is almost over I'm reflecting on the past year and planning for the one to come. In 2014 I want to love and play, eat great food, drink great wine, see more of the world, and finally start farming.